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… with all the restrictions on the ground we might as well be on Mars!

You will spend three afternoons hearing about the latest trends in our industry, revolving around three main topics:

  • human capital,

  • technology and people and

  • the future of supply chain.

Who knows where the future will take us. But we have a few emerging topics ready that everyone should know about. And we look forward to sharing them with you!

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration

Sean Kennedy

Head of Content and Learning

Cambridge Leadership Group

The language industry is intensely collaborative.  Delivering high-quality work requires collaboration with clients, colleagues, and a contingent workforce.  It means subject matter experts, translators, and technical specialists all working together. When those people partner well with each other, great things can be achieved. However, effective collaboration doesn’t magically happen on its own. It’s hard work and it takes leadership.


For over two decades, Cambridge Leadership Group has studied collaboration and leadership.  Drawing on seminal research from the fields of psychology and adult development, and tens of thousands of case studies of their own, Cambridge creates development experiences that help people raise their effectiveness in collaboration and their level of leadership.  The CLG team regularly works with large multi-national companies to unleash the power of collaboration across entire organizations.

Attendees of Sean's session will come away with some new ideas about collaboration to test in their own lives and some practical advice to raise the level of collaboration in their organizations.

Head of Content and Learning

The magic wand of effective goals: PMs & VMs happily ever after

Creative Words

Operations Manager &
Community Manager

Daniela D’Amato & Giada Gerotto

Once upon a time, there were stressed PMs and discouraged VMs, living in a world where fighting each other was the norm. Making PMs understand the importance of the job done by the VMs, while making the VMs understand the daily struggles PMs usually face, has been the everlasting endeavour since the beginning of time.


Do Vendor Managers and Project Managers at your Company move together towards the same business goals? Are both teams satisfied with their daily tasks and motivated to achieve great results together? In this presentation, Daniela and Giada will tell you a tale of synergy, understanding and effective goals, by exploring different options and suggesting how they built a system that actually works.

The elephant in the room – B2B vendor management

espell translation and localization

global business partner manager

Nora Zilahy

Talking about LSC supply chain management, most often we discuss sourcing freelance linguists and little emphasis is placed on working with other LSCs, that is B2B vendor management.


This is something, however, we cannot neglect in our quest for the holy grail of the right vendor mix. In my presentation I’m going to talk about why it is worth including single language or regional translation companies in your vendor pool and how to find the best match for your company.


I’m going to elaborate on the special requirements when sourcing a company vendor, give some tips on the selection criteria and say a few words about the process as well. By the end of my talk, the audience will take away insight on how to specify and find their ideal LSC partners and an approach to creating a “well tempered” vendor mix with the help of these providers.

VM and Post Editors: Hunter or grower? MTPE a business opportunity for all stakeholders (customers, LSCs, freelancers)

Dema Solutions srl

Vendor manager

Key Account Manager

Milena Spelta Parenti

MTPE: Hard & Soft Skills to attract freelancers so that they can see PE as an opportunity rather than a necessary evil.


Strategy: LSCs: shall offer continuous training, practical tips, technical support to the post editors, but above all volumes to be post-edited, so that they can improve.


Linguists: in turn shall accept the challenge and be ready to learn on: new skills, new technologies, above all a new mindset.


B2B Synergy between LSCs to optimize MTPE on domains and language pairs Keys:

  • Transparency (what is expected, how it is rewarded)

  • Openness to dialogue

  • Building a cooperation rather than buying words in a different language.

Vendor Manager: new data analyst of your company? How to optimize your resources through data-driven approach

LBS Suite

Operational Manager

for Europe and N. America

Anna Kozubek

Vendor Manager needs to handle not only relational and deeply emotionally intelligent aspect of the job, but also very analytic and data based attitude, to be able to keep the most convenient resources for the right moment.


And we are not talking only about scaling, generally understood, experience of the vendors.


What about:


  • data concerning responsiveness on offers (and proportion between probability of response and negative reply)?

  • ratio between the number of projects handled by the vendor, wordcounts, his TO and received feedbacks?

  • having median price of all your vendors by language combination, since we know that average price is not always representative.

These, and many other elements, are necessary to measure realistically your chances to keep your vendor database active, productive and competent.

Vendor Manager in the Making

Argos Multilingual

Senior Vendor Manager

Luiza Szafranska

When a company grows, changes that affect all employees are inevitable. What’s more, the changes are often resisted by those affected, no matter how necessary they may be. Some fear change, some are confused by it, and some squeeze the best out of it in the end. With that knowledge in mind, I would like to present to you on how the role of Vendor Manager was influenced by the massive change we faced at Argos.


I will focus on 3 main aspects of the transformation: individual, team, and organizational. I will use a “cause and effect” framework to demonstrate how company needs such as the introduction of new services and sectors called for and triggered new tools, skills, processes, communication patterns, position names, people, and internal initiatives.


The main takeaways for the audience will be a few lessons that my fellow VMs and I learned on this interesting and transformative journey.

Translation Scams in the Language Sector

CFB Scientific Translations LLC

German-English Patent Translator

Carola F Berger

Scams are on the rise in online commerce, especially when transacted entirely online. Thus the language sector is particularly vulnerable to fraudulent schemes. The presenter has given numerous talks about scams targeting individual translators and interpreters.


This presentation, on the other hand, will focus on scams that target language service providers, i.e. agencies. In one such scam, the scammers bombard language service agencies with fake CVs that have been modified from real translators’ CVs. Sometimes the scammers even set up elaborate, but fake social media profiles.


We will discuss ways to distinguish real translators and interpreters from impostors. We will also briefly discuss phishing and other cybersecurity threats targeting smaller and medium sized businesses.