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This is Meet Central Europe Conference

During an associations meeting in Belgrade, Serbia in November 2017 Miklos Ban, president of the Hungarian association of translation companies Proford approached colleagues Trisha Kovacic-Young and Radka Vegrichtová, (who phoned Michal Kmeť), fellow presidents of their respective Austrian, Czech, and Slovak associations with the idea to create a regional translation industry conference. After several meetings over the next weeks held in the centrally located Vienna, Meet Central Europe Conference has been created and planning of its inaugural conference in Budapest was underway.

To this day, the MCE Conference is co-organized by representatives of the founding associations using a join-venture Meet Central Europe, s.r.o. a limited company headquartered in Slovakia.

MCE Founders


  • Association of Austrian Translation Companies (AATC)

  • Association of Czech Translation Agencies (ACTA)

  • Hungarian Association of Professional Language Service Providers (Proford)

  • Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia (ATCSK)

MCE Team

MCE Board

Meet Central Europe Conference Milestones

Belgrade - mirko-jeremic-hQLL_TFszXQ-unsplash.jpg
November 2017

Idea of a regional translation industry conference is born during an EUATC General Meeting held in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Budapest - dan-freeman-kDP_lvDzh2c-unsplash.jpg
October 2018

Inaugural Conference is held in Budapest, Hungary.

Prague - william-zhang-6En4WYsNYXM-unsplash.jpg
October 2019
Meet Central Europe Prague attracts more than 400 attendees.
October 2021
Meet Central Europe online takes place in a virtual Martian 3D world.
October 2022
Meet Central Europe goes to Šamorín, close to Bratislava.
October 2023
MCE has returned to Budapest, to Central European University.
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