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Gabriella Nagy

CEO at Chain Bridge Translation

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Gabriella has been an English-Hungarian interpreter, translator and proofreader since 2001, full time since 2013. She is doing her PhD research (in stress management among interpreters), but already holds the following degrees:
- EMCI (European Masters in Conference Interpreting)
- MA in Translation and Interpreting
- Further education degree specialized in Economics and Social Sciences translation and interpreting
- Further education degree in Public Service Protocol Consultancy
- BA in Economics
She earned her ATA-certification (ENG>HUN) in 2022. Her specializations include legal and business translations, court, conference, and diplomatic interpreting. Gabriella helps business owners, professionals, and political leaders in reaching their goals. She uses her EQ and expertise to build bridges between people, cultures, and languages. As an ardent believer in CPD, she is committed to lifelong learning. She is also a productivity freak.

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