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Marija Kozjak

Vendor Manager at VERBA CENTAR

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Marija is a skilled Vendor Manager at VERBA, bringing with her a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the field. With over three years of experience, she has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the company.

Having initially pursued an MA in languages and primarily working in education, Marija never imagined herself in this position. However, she transitioned into recruiting, leveraging her diverse professional and volunteering background.

Marija's dedication to her role as a vendor manager goes beyond just the day-to-day tasks. She is deeply passionate about developing educational strategies for the linguist community, ensuring that students and seasoned partners benefit equally. Her belief in the power of knowledge to empower others is evident in her active contributions toward the growth of her industry. Additionally, Marija's unquenchable thirst for improvement drives her to seek ways to revamp existing processes constantly. She excels at transforming them into streamlined marvels of efficiency, making her a valuable asset to any team. Through her expertise, Marija can significantly impact her role as a vendor manager. 

She soon discovered that vendor management extends beyond mere recruitment activities. In her role, she has realized that vendor management plays a crucial role in shaping the sustainable base of the company. She takes pride in seeing how her work contributes to the development of VERBA, making its foundation solid and long-lasting. Not only that, she has also come to understand the importance of intricate relationships between stakeholders within LSP. She has dedicated her efforts this year to improving her relationships with other stakeholders in the company and finding ways to support each other more effectively. Through her professional approach, she has fostered a culture of collaboration and mutual support, ensuring the organization's growth.

Marija's experience in vendor management has earned her a position on various industry panels on the topic. Her active involvement in these panels reflects her commitment to staying updated and sharing her valuable insights with the community. As she continues to expand her professional network, Marija is now prepared to take her involvement in the community to new heights. With her infectious enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge, she aims to make a lasting impact and contribute to the industry's growth.

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