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Marina Pantcheva

Senior Group Manager at RWS

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I am a polyglot science aficionado who got involved in linguistics due to an eccentric childhood dream. During my studies, I worked as a translator, teacher, language consultant, and educator, juggling these activities with running my own language school.
Later, driven by the need to understand how language works, I turned to academia and explored the elementary particles of language in my Ph.D. research on Nanosyntax.
In 2014, I exchanged the tranquil academic life for the high-paced world of localization. Currently, I lead a multifaceted Community Localization project encompassing community management, quality management, research and development, BI, and a myriad of other exciting activities which I am genuinely passionate about.
In my spare time, I bike, paint, read about science, and engage in research inspired by the vast amount of data I encounter in my daily work.

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