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Noémi Barnaki-Párducz

Vendor Manager at EDIMART

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I'm the recently appointed vendor manager at EDIMART, one of the top Language Service Providers in Hungary. I've been on the team for two years, starting as an interpreting services project manager. While doing my masters for translation and interpretation, I realised it would be the most fulfilling if I worked as a project manager in an LSP instead of freelancing. Originally, I wanted to work as an EU accredited language service provider, so I pursued that dream and was selected to work as a translator trainee at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation in Luxembourg. After moving back to Budapest I've been working as a project manager and my passion is to provide as much background information and material for interpreters as I can get, to ensure a smooth collaboration. As vendor manager, I'm focusing on building fruitful relationships between vendors and LSPs and my long-term vision is optimizing the project management workflow by maintaining an up-to-date vendor database.

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