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Oleg Semerikov

General Manager at Translators Family

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Oleg Semerikov began his career almost 20 years ago as a freelance translator based in Ukraine. In 2007, he founded Translators Family (TF), assembling a team of Ukrainian linguists. Through commitment and hard work, Oleg's venture grew into a well-established company with offices in Poland, the UK, and Ukraine.

While still prioritizing Ukrainian localization, TF has expanded its range of linguistic services in over 50 languages, from transcreation and DTP to content creation and digital marketing, becoming a reliable partner for clients worldwide.

In the wake of the shocking events of the 2022 war, Oleg switched to Ukrainian as his primary language of communication, despite his fluency in Russian since childhood. Like most Ukrainians, he developed a strong appreciation for consuming content in his mother tongue.

Meanwhile, TF saw a 200% increase in the demand for Ukrainian localization as leading multinational companies from the technology and marketing sectors, alongside humanitarian organizations, sought the expertise of Ukrainian linguists, both within and beyond Ukraine’s borders.

Fully prepared and equipped to meet this demand, Oleg and the TF team were able to meet their corporate and personal objectives: supporting Ukrainians and promoting Ukrainian localization on a global stage.



Ukrainian Localization: New Challenges in Linguist Recruitment

The Ukrainian localization market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for localized content to engage Ukrainian consumers. Previously, the Russian language dominated the localization industry in Ukraine, but the war has shifted people's perspectives on language, making Ukrainian localization more essential and promising than ever before. Nevertheless, recent events have introduced complexities in recruiting professional local linguists, both freelancers and in-house, creating unique challenges.

In this presentation, you will gain insights into:

  • The evolution of the Ukrainian localization market, current challenges in content localization, and strategies to overcome them.

  • The challenges of recruiting Ukrainian linguists both within and beyond Ukraine’s borders.

  • Approaches to achieving a supply and demand equilibrium for Ukrainian localization.

  • Locating sources of Ukrainian linguist talent.


Addressing the challenges related to Ukrainian linguist recruitment, including the impact on remuneration and rates due to the supply and demand dynamics, is crucial for businesses to localize their content for the Ukrainian market efficiently. By implementing strategies to mitigate these challenges and achieve a balanced supply and demand equilibrium, companies can successfully navigate the competitive landscape and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the growing Ukrainian localization market.

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