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Poland - Spotlight country of the MCE 2022 conference

Central Europe is a large and diverse region, so each year the MCE Conference organisers, the national LSC associations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, have striven to share its platform to provide additional visibility to a specific country or region outside those original founding countries.

The MCE organisers are proud to announce that the 2022 conference will be partnering with national representatives from the Polish translation association POLOT to shine a spotlight on their language market.

Poland, the largest country in Central and Eastern Europe, is home to over 38 million citizens and several million Ukrainian refugees. It is a country of open-minded, entrepreneurial people interested in the world and global cooperation, with a rich culture and diverse economy.

Poland's rapid economic growth over the past 30 years has resulted in the parallel development of the language services industry, which, today, is stronger and more integrated than ever before. Polish is one of the official languages of the European Union and is a crucial element of communication in international politics.

This is a time of significant challenges and great opportunities, a time to show the world what Poland and Poles are capable of. It is also a considerable responsibility of the Polish translation industry to provide adequate and efficient communication between Poland and its foreign partners. Finally, it is the right time to introduce Polish translation companies to colleagues from other countries.

The organisers are thrilled that the spotlight has generated significant interest from Polish companies and freelance professionals, who have either booked, are firmly committed to attending or becoming sponsors MCE 2022 in Slovakia.


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