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Return tickets to MCE 21 Virtual on Mars available

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The 2021 edition of the Meet Central Europe (MCE) Conference is going virtual and will be hosted on the Confer-O-Matic platform that will give conference attendees a 3D experience. The Prague-based software developers are developing a virtual 3D Mars setting for MCE.

The MCE board selected the Confer-O-Matic platform, first pioneered in the language industry at T-Update’21 Virtual in April 2021, having reviewed the glowing feedback across social media platforms from attendees and sponsors alike.

The Confer-O-Matic environment offers easy and as near-to-life experience and interaction as possible in a virtual setting.

Interaction with other attendees is a game changer compared to the rather flat ­video-only presentations or networking offered by other platforms.

Attendees, who assume avatar personas in our virtual 3D world will have the benefit of seeing other attendees walking, running or even flying around the space. It is as natural as in real world to wave to somebody and invite a person to a conversation in one of the many video-chat zones or on a sponsor stand.

The registration has been opened, tickets can be purchased HERE.


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