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Three spotlight countries in one conference

Central Europe is a large and diverse region, so each year the MCE Conference organisers, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, have striven to share its platform to provide additional visibility to a specific country outside those original founding countries.

As the 2021 edition will be delivered in a virtual 3D world, the organisers felt it appropriate to revisit this approach and welcome in three countries in once.

The MCE organisers are proud to announce that the conference will be partnering with national representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to shine a spotlight on their language markets.

Known as the Baltic countries, Baltic republics, or simply the Baltics, this culturally and historically rich region has a population of a little over six million with diverse economies and is home to at least three languages from two different language groups.

The organisers are thrilled that the spotlight has generated significant interest from companies and freelance professionals from the Baltics who have either booked are firmly committed to attending the MCE 2021 Virtual conference.


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